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MG Frontline Midget 1968
We’ve all lusted after an MG Midget over the years. One of Britain’s great sports cars. Compact, yes. Good Looking, yes. Easy to maintain, Yes. 147BHP Yes!

Sorry what was that 147BHP?

Yes, this 1968 MG Midget was Frontline Developments demonstrator. Its fitted with a K Series 1.8 litre engine, uprated suspension, brakes, and has had a thorough sniff of serious performance enhancing attention.
Finished in Traditional British Racing Green and fitted with Grey leather seats, this is one complete and utter head case of a Midget, but as it looks almost standard, makes the most ideal Q Car.


This Car has a massive spec:

1.8 Rover K Series Engine
147BHP with Rolling Road Confirmation
260 Fast Road Cams
Emerald ECU
Aluminium Radiator
5 Speed Type 9 Gearbox
Strengthened Chassis
Frontline Adjustable Telescopic Shock Absorbers to Front
Uprated Anti Roll bar
Frontline Adjustable Telescopic Shock Absorbers to Rear
Lowered Leaf Springs to Rear uprated to 340lb
Anti Tramp Bars
Rear Traction Control Links
Polybushed all round
Limited Slip Diff
EN40 Nitrided Half Shafts
Double Hub Bearing Kit
Customer Made Aluminium Fuel Tank with Anti Slosh Baffles

So what we’re talking here is one seriously sorted Midget. 0-60 is reputedly around 6.5 seconds, and it feels like it. But it feels so well sorted on the road. We like outrageous Midgets, but we’ve never EVER had anything like this.

This car will be ideal for someone wanting an interesting track day car, or something for Sprints and Hillclimbs.

Or better still just for blowing 911’s off on country roads. Nothing will stick with this Midget other than a well ridden motorbike travelling from A to B on country roads.
Be in no doubt, Frontline make a seriously well sorted car, and this car is just that.







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