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Morris Minor Series 2. 1953

Once in a while a true little Gem turns up. A little gem that’s almost too good to be true. And in this case, the little Gem is this 1953 Series 2 Morris Minor.
Finished in Black with a Red interior from new the car has only had two owners and has covered the grand sum of 59000 miles with history to confirm.
Its quite possibly the most genuine, almost untouched example you could ever wish to see. Ok, its not un-blemished. But it’s the originality that’s the important thing. Its never  been messed around. It’s a car that’s always been cherished and it’s a car that deserves to continue being cherished.
Work has been done. The five considerable files that come with the car confirm that, and it appears that the history is complete back to the original dealer order in the form of a rather nice polite letter from the dealer to the buyer, offering him the grand sum of £25 in part exchange for his 1933 Singer 9. The car is in truly outstanding original condition, and cars like this are genuinely hard to come by.
If you are looking for something a little bit special, than this little car could be just the car for you.





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