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MGC Roadster 1968 Manual O/D
This is simply the best driving MGC we’ve ever had. Bar none!
In the 10 years we’ve been in business, we’ve handled quite a good number of the MGC, and we’ve never had one anywhere near as good to drive as this one is now. We kind of get the impression these cars should have been like this from the factory and if they had they could have been a world beater. For anyone who has ever driven an MGC and been a little disappointed with the drive, this car is a total revelation. The MG Motorsport Suspension has completley transformed the car.

Finished in Tartan Red with Black leather Upholstery piped red interior this car is showing around 77000 miles. We don’t have enough history to confirm it’s the sum total, but the car certainly doesn’t look like it’s been around the clock either. The Service History does however go back to 1987 when the car was showing 62000 miles, so it is just possible the mileage could be genuine.

Mention of that service history reminds me to mention the fact that we last saw this stunning motor car in 2011, and the service history since that time comes to over £12000. This car has had the whole suspension completely changed at enormous cost. The body work has undergone some significant work and the whole car just feels absolutely stunning to drive. And it even has lumber adjustment in the driver’s seat, a first for us in any MG from the 1960’s!

If you fancy an MGC, then this simply has to be the car to have. OK, some of you might say its not original with this change to the suspension, but believe me, this stunning Motor Car is infinitely better to drive. You won’t find a better C to drive than this, and at only £25995, it’s the one to have right now.

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