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BMW 700CS Coupe

When was the last time you saw a BMW 700 Coupe? The only one I personally have ever encountered was being driven by Jackie Oliver at Goodwood Revival. How many left don’t even list them, and I know of only one other a BMW Club Member who has one. According to information in this car’s file, only 413 were made in Right Hand Drive, and there will no doubt only be a tiny fraction of those in existence now. Furthermore this car is one of the very last ones built.

The BMW 700 is a small rear engined car which was produced by BMW in various models from August 1959 to November 1965. It was the first BMW automobile with a monocoque structure, and it was a huge sales success at a time when BMW was close to financial ruin. The 700 was also successful in its class in motorsport, both in its stock form and as the basis of a racing special called the 700RS.

So this car is rare, of that there is no doubt. As you can see from the photographs the car is a few steps up from a barn find. A restoration was started some years ago, but never finished as you can see. The shell which is remarkably corrosion free was repainted, and then left, but dry stored. It’s also a car with only 5 owners in total. Futhermore it’s also the 40BHP model with Twin Carbs which is the collectible one.
The rest of the car comes in the form of a kit. I’m reliably informed that everything is there with the exception of the Front Wings, and looking through all the boxes, I'm sure that won’t be far of the truth. I do know for a fact that BMW still list front wings priced at £380 each, but they don’t currently have any stock. All glass comes with the car, front rear and all side glass. The seats have been fully refurbished. The car also comes with a multi-language workshop manual to help any prospective purchaser put the car back together.

So the car will need some significant work to rebuild but lots of the hard work has already been done. Maybe it’s a winter project, it’s certainly got the potential to be a superb little car, and definitely something a bit different in BMW Circles. It’s also one that won’t break the bank to put back together.

Car comes complete with CURRENT V5 Registration Document.

So the question is, do you fancy a project, something to do over the winter months?
Do you fancy something with Italian Style (Michelotti designed the cars) do you fancy something with German Quality, (It’s a BMW) do you fancy something so rare it’s a Top line Marque but built in such low numbers you can’t remember the last time you saw one, if ever??????

And remember this one is right hand drive and a Twin Carb coupe. That makes it the most collectible of them all.

If you do fancy a project this is the ideal car for you And at only £4750 its bound to be a sure fire investment in years to come. Ask yourself this.

When did you last see one?




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