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MGB Roadster 1973 Manual O/D

Everyone loves an MGB. They have been an iconic Sportscar on British roads since launch in 1963. Over the years they’ve come in Roadster and Gt and fitted with the standard 4 cylinder 1800 engine, and the 3500cc V8 in the MGB GT..

Well the MGB we offer for sale here bridges that gap. This MGB was first registered in 1973 as a standard 1800cc car with an automatic gearbox. This is a car with very low mileage for its age. We have the service history files going right back to 1979 when the car was only 6 years old. And with constant history throughout the intervening years, we can confirm that this car has only covered 52000 miles from new. However its latest keeper was looking for something to restore, and something to improve upon. And that’s what he’s done.

The latest keeper bought the car in 2005, and straight away took the car off the road and dismantled it completely.  All the corrosion was cut out to the correct spec, and the car has been literally rebuilt superbly from the ground up. I have to say on going underneath this car, its one of the best restored we’ve ever seen. It’s almost like new underneath. All very neat and tidy looking almost like it left the factory like that. This is confirmed with photos detailing body work restoration. But this gent wanted more. He wanted the power and relaxed long distance motoring feel of an MGC so he sourced the engine and complete running gear from an MGC and converted this now super MGB bodyshell into what is ultimately an MGC.

Nothing was left to chance. The engine was fully rebuilt with new pistons, the fast road cam in the engine was re-profiled to make the car more driveable and the bodyshell  was modified to take the deeper MGC power unit. The whole car is a sheer joy to drive. And the car comes with an independent Engineers report to confirm the car has been put together correctly. This restoration and modification did in fact take years, and although the owner bought the car in 2005 he didn’t actually put it on the road until 2013. Since then the car has been used and maintained superbly .

Come along and have a look at it. You certainly won’t be disappointed. It’s a truly delightful car, and ideal for fun days and holidays, Classic Rallying or simply a trip to the pub.


Telephone: 01200 446893 email: the.woods@zen.co.uk