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Abarth 695 Rivale Convertible 2018

Here is something a little bit different. Different not only for us here at Blue Butts, but also different in that this is a very rare little car, packing a huge punch.

The Abarth series has been the Sporting line of Fiat 500s both back in the 1960s and now in the 2000s. Stunning little cars with great character and tremendous performance.

The 695 Range packs a 180BHP (YES that’s right 180BHP) power unit into the practical but compact 500 shell. This is an awesome amount of power for such a little, light weight car. The performance is electrifying. Its just been serviced and showing just over 4000 miles from new.

The Figures:
Acceleration: 0-60  6.7 seconds
Power to weight ratio 5.8kg/Bhp.

Its truly stunning. Fitted with a fabulous Sequential Gearbox which can be driven in Auto as well as the Sequential paddles on the Steering Wheel..

Its also a convertible with a multi stage sliding roof giving open roof motoring in style.

This is a very grown up little car. It drives and feels like its fitted with a large torquey power unit rather than an economical 1.4. With power steering, and massive Brembo Cross Drilled Ventilated Brake Discs all round, it also stops well.

Oh and the sound…………………….Its fitted with the fabled Active Dual Mode Akraprovic Exhaust system. It sounds absolutely fabulous.

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