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1968 Mini Cooper S Recreation

We all remember the original Minis of the 1960s. Used and abused by all and sundry. A most amazing car of it’s time. An Issigonis masterpiece. Non more iconic than the Mini Cooper S. A Mini wonder nothing less.

Today original Mini Coopers can command stratospheric prices and be in no doubt they achieve those prices too. We’ve sold a couple recently ourselves.

This car is what can best be described as a carbon copy of the Cooper S. Built by a Motor Engineer and based on a Standard Series 2 Mini. However he has created an almost perfect Cooper S. 1275cc engine, Twin SU’s. Stage 3 Head, Balanced, Ported, lightened. Superb in every way.

This car has had over £12000 spent on parts alone. The hours of skilled work to build this car into the one it is today cannot be counted. It’s truly stunning and drives absolutely beautifully. In fact the car has only covered around 350 miles since coming back on to the road. No expense has been spared on building the engine refurbishing the shell and fitting a complete new interior. The wheels are correct to era and fitted with new Dunlop SP Sport tyres as original Spec.

So if you have been looking for a Mini Cooper S and baulk at the price, this stunning little car is almost impossible to tell form the real thing. For driving or showing it will gather crowds wherever it goes and at £27995 its possibly around half the price of an equal standard Mini Cooper S now.
Stunning. Truly Stunning.





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