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1976 Ford Capri 1.6GL

Way back when, in the 1970s the Ford Capri was the car to turn heads. Stunning looks with its Coupe styling, and fabulous colours. The car of choice for many families with it’s spacious comfortable interior and the car some could never quite achieve as it was the Cortina that was the car on many company car lists.

So here were have a 1976 Ford Capri 1.6 GL. Finished in Arizona Gold with a Tobacco Vinyl Roof and interior. The car is in immaculate condition as you would expect after a major bare metal windows out paint and refurbishment. She starts straight away. Drive really well and is a pure delight to drive. It really brings back memories of those heady days when we were young and a Capri was so desirable and also unachievable for many of us at the time.

If you fancy a Classic Ford, one that you can simply open the door, climb in and drive off then this car is ideal for you. Sensibly priced at £12995 it will turn heads anywhere its new keeper takes it.  Everyone remembers the Capri, so go on treat yourself, you know its the car you always promised yourself!




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