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Alfa Romeo SZ 1991
At some point in time every one of us has wondered why on Earth styling studies of cars never seem to make it into the market place. We have seen all sorts of stunning designs in the magazines. We’ve been led to believe the latest from one of the main stream manufacturers is going to set the world alight at launch, but its seldom they do. Very few manufacturers are brave enough to go ahead with such radical designs.
Alfa Romeo is one of the few makers to bring a car, so near to it’s styling studies onto the market. In combination with Design House Zagato they brought us the SZ. Known in Italy at launch as Il Nostro.
In the flesh the SZ is like no other car on our roads today and on launch it outshone everything in it’s class. Its stunning. From every angle this car has a presence that belies its size. The 3.0 Litre 6 cylinder engine is a joy, and it performs absolutely superbly for the car is very light. These cars handle well, are very comfortable with plenty of space inside for two people and the sound!!!! Oh boy, the sound! In this car the Sports Exhaust can give many other Italian sporting cars a run for the money.
Built in 1991 this car has had two keepers.

The Service History goes right back to 1993 with its first UK service at Cubleys of Ainsdale who were Alfa dealers. The current keeper has owned the car since then and has cherished this car with an outstanding programme of maintenance to ensure the car was always in absolute impeccable condition. Service after Service. A fabulous documented history of one of the rarest Alfa Romeos ever made. Don’t forget only just over 1000 were built in total, and there wont be that many left in 2021. How many are on the roads in the UK? Probably less than 100. So rare in deed, but easier to maintain than you think with proprietary Alfa Romeo power train.

So there we are, an Alfa Romeo SZ by Zagato. Rare as they come, Stunning to look at, a sheer joy to drive, and turns heads everywhere it goes, all for £47995, a certain investment in the long run for someone who loves Italian style.



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