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Most of the car at the top end of the market today change hands either through Auction Houses or through dealers. It isn’t often a high valued motor car will reach top value as a private sale. In fact its not often that any car will reach it's maximum value as a private sale.

To sell a car through Auction can be challenging. Initial estimates given can be wide of the mark and leave the vendor a little disappointed when the hammer drops. If that’s the case, then the vendor has only two options open to him. Accept a bid lower than that initially expected sale price, or take the car back home. And the costs of transport and or storage then come into play to await the next Auction sale.

To sell the car to a dealer would almost certainly mean accepting a lower price for the car than you would like, so many higher priced cars for sale through dealers these days are for sale on a Brokerage basis.

A Brokerage package gives you the vendor more control over the deal. We do all the work. Cleaning the car ready for photography. We do all the photography and log the car with 6 Websites in total. We then handle all enquiries. Present the car to customers, handle all test drives and then when money is being discussed, liaise with you, the vendor to confirm price before finally agreeing the sale. We then finalise all paperwork with the customer, arrange all documentation for the DVLA and finally ensure all funds are secure before releasing the car to its new owner.

We can also arrange transport for delivery etc etc.

So it’s a win win situation for you. We work on your behalf at very reasonable rates.
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Contact me now if you have one to sell or would like us to sell it on your behalf.

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