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Morris 1000 1965

Is the Morris 1000 the archetypal everyday car from the 1960’s? BMC produced over a million of them, and the ones that are left are now cherished by their owners, some as a little something different to run around in, and yet some will still be used as Daily Drivers by a number of owners.

This particular car finished in a period Light Grey is fitted with red interior. But this is an unusual car. Many people throw fortunes at a car having holes filled, paintwork restored to a better than new finish, and the whole car made to look gleaming on the surface, but it may be a different story underneath.

This car is slightly different. It’s only had three keepers from new in 1965. The original owner had the car from 03/09/1065 until 22/01/1986. The second owner only kept the car a few months, and it current keeper took possession on 22/07/1986. Twenty seven years is a long time for anyone to own a car. And twenty seven years is a long time to get attached to a car. And this little car has been loved and cherished over those years.

But advancing years had obviously got the better of this little car, and so in 2007 it was sent to the Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre in Bristol and given a thorough rebuild. That rebuild cost over £6000. The entire floorpan, chassis, inner wings, front and rear bulkheads have been rebuilt correctly. No simple plate welding here. All correct panels have been replaced etc.

Inside has been full re-trimmed with new seats, for added comfort, and all new door cards etc. But outside……………………?

Well she looks beautifully original. She’s not been repainted to look too false and like new. There’s a school of thought and a group of people out there today who pay thousands to make their car look like its “original”, but this has that lovely lived in look that IS original.

This little car feels like new to drive. Very taught without the rattles, knocks and squeaks that is a 48 year old Morris 1000. No, it feels almost as if it’s new. Very positive, and simply lovely.




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