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Daimler SP250 Dart, 1961 Manual (B Spec)

During the late 1950's, the Daimler company was experiencing financial problems, and the directors decided to attempt to increase the companies revenues by capitalising on the interest, predominantly from the US market, in sports cars, as MG, Triumph and Jaguar had.
Daimler introduced a pre-production they named the Daimler Dart, at the New York Auto Show at the beginning of 1959, but renamed it after the Chrysler Company let it be known that they had already registered the name for Dodge, which had used the Dart name on a concept car. They planned to launch the name on a Dodge production car in 1960. Consequently Daimler renamed the car "Sports 250.'' This name was soon changed to just "SP250''. SP (for sports) 250 (2.5 litre engine).
Launched in 1959 the Daimler SP250 was impressively fast, mainly thanks to the new engineer, Edward Turner, who previously worked for Triumph motorcycles. He designed an all new 2.5 litre, hemispheric-combustion chambered, overhead valve - V8 engine, with twin SU carburettors which was influenced by an earlier Triumph motorcycle design. It’s price on launch was £1,395.
The SP250 only weighed 2,220 pounds, so its engine provided very lively. It developed 140 horsepower at 5,800 rpm enough to propel the car from 0 to (60 mph) in a very respectable 9 seconds. this compared favourably to it’s contemporaries of the time, the TR3 (13.2 sec), the Austin Healey Mk1 (11.4 sec) and the MGA (14.6 sec). The top speed for the SP250 was 122 mph.
This particular SP250 was first registered in 1961, and has only had 4 keepers in total. The current owner had the car for 12 years, and the previous owner had the car for 16 years. It is finished in red with Tan Leather interior. With a black mohair hood and comes complete with full and half Tonneau covers. The car is in truly stunning condition. The current keeper has spent in the region of £12000 maintaining and improving the car to bring it up to the condition its in today. It has also been fitted with rack and pinion steering, which makes it far nicer and easier to drive. It’s also fitted with Chrome wire wheels which really make the car.

The car comes with an extremely comprehensive history file covering the period from 1987 to the present day. The mileage at present is showing 52300 miles.

If you are looking for a Classic British Sports car, but prefer something a touch more unusual, the Daimler SP250 would fit you’re bill perfectly. Easy to maintain, and with super parts availability, this car will be a dream to own and run, and if you like a car that turns heads with both looks and the sound it makes ( it really does sound like a baby AC Cobra), then this is the car for you. Daimler SP250’s have started to rise in price now so go on treat yourself right now before they go stratospheric.




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