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MGB Roadster 1970 Manual O/D

There are MGB’s and there are MGB’s, some are infinitely better than others!. This particular car falls into the latter camp. It’s a 1970 model, finished in Red with a stunning tan leather interior. Its fitted with a superb Walnut finish Dash, and has painted wire wheels, a Double Duck Hood, and comes complete with full and half Tonneau covers.

More importantly the car was completely rebuilt around 10 years ago with a Heritage Bodyshell. Since then its had a fabulous schedule of maintenance, by one fastidious owner. The car is simply outstanding. The care and attention that’s been lavished on the car is something I’ve not seen before. TO say the engine bay is detailed, has to be an understatement! Even the copper brake pipes have been polished.

The interior is almost like new, the chrome simply gleams, and the paintwork has a mirror finish.

Everyone looking at Classic Cars knows how good MGB’s are. They are great to drive, easy to maintain, and parts availability is better than for many new cars, so what’s not to like?





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