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1964 Sunbeam Alpine Mk 1V

The Roots Group were noted for building high quality cars.  A large group, the range encompassed Hillman, Humber, Singer Talbot and last but not least Sunbeam.

The Alpine was Sunbeam’s sports car, and was built in a variety of forms from 1953 with the Mark 1 up to 1968 and the mark V. The range encompassed Open top tourers with and without Convertible roofs, and also ones with a lift off hardtop.

 The model we have to offer is a Series 1V built in 1964. It is finished in Red with black interior and comes complete with Painted Wire Wheels, with excellent tyres, an excellent soft top, and the most delightful hardtop which gives it a great coupe look when fitted. Fitting is so easy as well, so it can be a quick decision and the roof is off. Furthermore the roof is not too heavy like many other cars. It’s also fitted with overdrive which makes for great long distance cruising.

The car is in simply stunning condition, both inside and out. And furthermore, the underside is extremely clean too. The hood is also in excellent condition as well.




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