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MGB Roadster Manual Overdrive 1979

Where would the British Classic Car scene be without the MGB? It’s been “the one” to have for so many people for over 50 years. So for over half a century we have all known and loved this archetypal British Sports Car. There are however a number of variations from the early pull handle models to the last of the line the rubber bumper models.

This car offers something a little different though. Finished now in beautiful MG Tartan red, this car began life in 1979 as a rubber bumper model. It ran like this until a massive rebuild was carried out by Mercury Classics in Scotland, and has a full DVD showing photographs of the work that has been done. Notwithstanding that, its subsequent owners has improved this stunning motor car in so many ways. The history file contains the latest file of invoices going back to 2007 and show that the car has had:

Stainless Steel exhaust
All 4 stub axles replaced
Full brake overhaul Inc Master Cylinders and Wheel Cylinders all round
New Clutch
New Propshaft
New Fuel Pump
New Fuel Tank
New Front Wings
New Yokohama Tyres

In fact if you didn’t know it, you might think that this is a new MGB rather than one 36 years old. It doesn’t rattle, it doesn’t squeak, it really does feel as tight as a new car.




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