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Fiat Topolino 1936?

What am I bid?

I am looking for offers for this little gem that been found languishing in a barn for approaching 30 years. After researching the model through the Fiat Owners Club it appears that this car may have been manufactured in 1936. The Fiat Topolino was introduced in 1936, and going from the number on the chassis plate, it does appear to be a very early model. Most of these charming little cars were obviously built as Left Hand Drive versions, but this one is a rarer Right Hand Drive version.

The car will obviously need a little work!!!!! I can’t confirm it is 100% complete. But it does appear to have most parts with it. The cylinder head is here, the dynamo/cooling fan. There are Doors, seats and well, almost everything except windows and roof. I realise there are almost bound to be other things missing, but can there be much else?  Oh, and the seats have the potential to clean up extremely well as can be seen in one of the photos. They will want some remedial work, but have a gorgeous patina to them. This Fiat does in fact come with a set of new tyres too. Well, shall we say new quite some time ago, but they do appear to have been stored in the dark, and don’t appear to show any adverse effects. The car has been stored dry, but obviously will have some issues, and the body shell appears to be sound.

I’d love to say it start and stops, but I obviously can’t, What I can say is, that it does move on its wheels, and we winched it onto the trailer with little or no fuss, so its just longing to be restored to its former glory.

This little Fiat will make an absolutely outstanding car to use as the basis for a “First Restoration”. Its small enough to go into any garage for storage, or even a garden shed in some cases. So it’s not going to need a huge facility to allow the work to happen. It’s also more than light enough for one person to push it around to manoeuvre for work to be done. So if you ever fancied trying your hand a car restoration this potentially stunning little car will be ideal for you.

How much is it? Well, I don’t really know!!! Put your thinking Caps on and make me an offer!

Offers to the.woods@zen.co.uk by the 30th of April 2012 please.



Telephone: 01200 446893 email: the.woods@zen.co.uk