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MGB Roadster 1965 Tax Exempt Manual with Overdrive

MGB’s it would appear, are not all the same. Most have a 4 cylinder 1800cc engines. Most are just normal traditional sports cars. But not this one!

Fitted with a 1950cc Aldon Automotive Sprint engine, uprated brakes and suspension, this “B” is probably the quickest, sharpest handling MGB we’ve ever had in stock. The performance is electrifying for a B. The car pulls really well through all the gears, it’s response to throttle input razor sharp, and the handling is simply superb. This car feels noticably sharper than an MGC, quicker, and also because it's lighter, it handles better too.

The car is finished in British Racing Green and fitted with painted wire wheels. The interior is fitted with the correct black leather seating, piped in white. Even the hood is piped in white to match. Overdrive works correctly on third and fourth gears, and the gearbox is simply a delight to use.

This car has only had 4 keepers, and the latest one who has had the car since 1999 has kept a superb history file on the car.  There are bills invoices and MOT’s going right back to 1981. There are photographs showing the body off restoration work in 1990, and its got the best panel fit of any MGB we’ve ever come across, and the underside still shows the green paint that was applied when rebuilt.

This truly is one amazing MGB. If you are looking for a B, but fancy something a little out of the ordinary then you will adore this one. I’ve been running it for a day or two, and it’s simply addictive to drive.



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