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MG PB Racer (Replica)

Well we like to have something a little different here at Blue Butts, and this is certainly different. Purists look away now! This is a handbuilt replica of the 1936 MG PB Racer. I genuine one would be worth fortunes, but this is not. But if you fancy something with that 1930’s look, and want a bit of fun without the problems associated in running an older car.

The car is built on a Triumph Herald Chassis, and is fitted with Ford 1.6 power unit. The car is beautifully built, and drives really well, being significantly quicker then the real MG PB. Its fitted with disc brakes at the front, and well it is just a great little car.

If you looking for a bit of fun over the coming summer months, you would have it, driving this little car, and at only £9995 what more could you ask?



Telephone: 01200 446893 email: the.woods@zen.co.uk