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Burlington Arrow 1994

The Burlington Motor Company was founded in Leamington Spa, designing a 1930’s style sports car body designed to fit usually on to a Triumph Herald chassis. The project developed into a set of plans from which to build a car. Over six thousand sets of plans were sold, leading to around 500 cars being built.

This particular car has been built by a qualified engineer. He designed and built a unique chassis from tubular steel, making it possibly one of the strongest Burlington Arrows ever made. He also lengthened the car to make it easier to get in and out, make it more comfortable in the cabin, and give it a better ride. Furthermore its also been fitted with doors to make getting in and out even easier again.

The car is finished in a stunning Dark green metallic. Its fitted with a Triumph Dolomite 1850cc engine, and it drives beautifully. The interior is finished in black, with sports seats and a polished wooden dashboard. It also come complete with the most incredible hood and sidescreen kit to keep the weather at bay and the occupants warm and dry.

If you fancy something with the charismatic look of a 1930’s sports car, but want the ease of use and reliability of more modern mechanical parts, then this car will be absolutely brilliant for you.

The parts fit and panel gap on this stunning little car are better than many mainstream motor cars, and if its fun you are looking for, then this is the car for you. Now Sold.



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